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Are you looking for something really special? Something that tells your story, brings a unique concept to life or do you want to go big? Our Custom Molds are specially created with an eye for your story, wishes and ease of use. MoldBrothers can add significant value to your cakes, pastries or chocolates through an innovative collaboration!



Our Silicone Toppers will take all your pastries and cakes to the next level in no time. They are easy to use and the end result is always visually appealing. Fill the toppers with cremeux, namalaka or give the appearance of classic pastries a surprising twist!



Shapers are the most versatile way to give your pastry a new look. A thin strip of personalized silicone as an inlay for cake rings of any size!



Singulars are the ideal tool to provide all your mousse pastries with an innovative jacket. Singulars are designed to create the perfect one-person pastry. But watch out! You no longer recognize your classics. Time for a breath of fresh air through the display case!

Deco Mold

Deco Molds

Beautiful chocolate decoration in an instant? Our Deco Molds have been specially developed for this. Chocolate decorations in an instant. Available for one person pastry as well as entremets. Fully customizable in size and thickness!



Looking for versatility and multi-purpose tools? Our Stencils have been specially developed for this. On chocolate, meringue or other delicacies, make it up! Whatever pastry you use these templates on, they always form 'the icing on the cake'!



This stamp, specially developed for the pastry chef, makes creating a baked chocolate signature very easy! Easy to use and customizable in both diameter and print!

Convenience, but also easy on the eyes

MoldBrothers Pastry develops Custom Products to take every patisserie to a new level. With Custom products we dare to color outside the lines and we give every patisserie the opportunity to walk with us. User-friendliness and presentation, these are the most important elements for our Custom Products. Together we create the right shapes to let your recipes excel on all fronts!

From menu to the showcase

From the origins of MoldBrothers, we innovate daily in collaboration with the catering industry. While it is precisely the patisserie that can benefit from an exclusive product. After all, a pastry sells itself from the display case, instead of written text on a menu. Our drive for innovation, combined with your vision, offers endless possibilities in terms of presentation, taste and the combination of these!

Thanks to techniques such as 3D printing, sculpting, milling and laser cutting, we dare to take the position that we can realize any idea. However ambitious this idea may be. MoldBrothers Pastry can make it. We will visit you, have a conversation and think along with you. Everything is possible. Together we will find out what best suits your patisserie and how we can work it out so that every customer will experience that unparalleled wow feeling.

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Request a product online that meets your needs. Specific questions? Then contact us.


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We will prepare a quote for you based on your request and any explanation.


Produce product

After consultation, we start devising and developing the ideas.


Post-processing and control

To ensure the highest quality, we check every detail of the product.


Shipping (worldwide)

When the molds or templates are ready, we pack them neatly and send them to you.

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